Welcome to the passionate team of professionals dedicated to helping you improve your home, customize it and add a touch of personalized changes into your living space. Whether you require fundamental changes, such as door and windows replacement or a subtle designer’s intervention, we are here to provide you the highest quality of service.


Our philosophy


It’s not an empty phrase to say that we love our work and enjoy the satisfaction of all clients when faced with results of our work. We invest all our knowledge, skills, passion, responsibility and equipment to provide the highest quality of the service at rather affordable prices. The best feedback we get is not, in fact, the money we earn. It’s the pride we feel when clients advertise our quality after getting all their wishes and requirements realized. The combination of professional approach, respectful treatment of every customer and constant improvement is our leading policy. We strive to expand the scale of our services, so you can rely on our help anytime, whether you need a minor home decoration or a fundamental (re)building of premises.

The leader of our company

Dorothy T. Ridley is construction engineer with years of experience in construction industry. She founded this company by gathering experts from all relevant branches to provide high-quality construction, home remodeling and renovating services to all our clients. She guides our teams of experts, centers the inner organization of our company and expands the business continuously.


If you’d like to build, renovate, remodel, refresh or change your home in any desired manner, join your forces with our teams. You’ll get professional, dedicated, reliable and personalized approach to improvement of your home. Adjust your home according to your wishes with a little help from our experts.

Our services


Construction of the brand-new homes

Yes, we have educated and experienced enough teams of architects and engineers in our company ready to help you build your brand-new home or additional premises and garage. We provide everything from a construction plan to actual working force and equipment. Our company will guide you through every step of the process, including the mere construction, flooring, roofing, interior design. Also, before the construction process, we provide a free estimation of the required expenses and time.


Remodeling and reconstruction

If you are planning some big interventions in your homes, such as remodeling or restoration, we’ll help you conduct the process effectively and professionally. This includes the services of re-roofing, replacement of windows and floors, expanding the total space of a given premise, remodeling of a kitchen or a bathroom or various exterior changes.


Interior designer at your service

People often wish to bring some refreshment into their homes without changing great aspects of the construction. A change of the overall style of the home can be achieved through clear, simple changes of the interior that don’t require significant investment. Out team of interior designers is here to offer you ideas and solutions, customized according to your lifestyle, wishes, and needs.

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