The bathroom is one the most frequently remodeled and renovated place in the house, aside from kitchen, but the total overhaul is usually rather expensive. Having limited budget determines pretty much everything, including design solutions, applied materials and the extension of the renovation.



Here are some useful tips on how to refresh your current bathroom if the overall overhaul is not the option, but you still want to conduct some significant changes.

Set the budget limits precisely

The first step is to know your financial capacity. Be realistic, count the total money you have and set the list of all the renovation phases you’d like to conduct. Consequentially, unfortunately, narrow that choice down to what fits the budget. Adjust the materials and the chosen models of fixtures to get the combination of the best quality for the lowest expenses. Keep in mind that the functionality comes first, regardless of how much you like the design.

Don’t replace. Refinish.

Fixtures, such as bathtub and shower or sink can be easily refinished instead of replaced with the new items. It will lower the expenses significantly and spare you from a lot of work and mess in the bathroom.

Plumbing is a budget impact

Plumbing problems often occur suddenly, and you don’t have a choice but to invest. Often these interventions trigger the idea of renovation. But including plumbing into the remodeling plan goes with a high cost.


Keep in mind this if considering switching places of some fixtures in the bathroom. Switching places goes with switching plumbing pipes underneath the fixtures. Don’t neglect that fact.

Cheap but effective changes

You don’t have to conduct fundamental renovations to get the effective refreshment. Change smaller hardware and items, such as faucets handles, shower-heads, flooring, towel hangers or drawer pulls. Match the design and finishing with the overall design of the bathroom and you will get powerful changes with just a few smaller interventions.

Lighting makes all the difference

One thing you can always use to create a completely different atmosphere is lighting. Use a combination of subtle, dim lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere, but keep some bright light for shaving, putting make-up on and all other necessary activities.